Acard networks storage
ACC Microelectronics 486 System-on-Chips, Controllers
Accutek Microcircuit Corporation memories(DRAM, SRAM)
ACQUTEK semiconductor packaging
Actel programmable logic solutions, FPGAs
Adaptec networking
Adaptive Networks] communication ICs
Advanced Analogic Technologies power managements, MOSFETs
Advanced Communication Devices ethernet ICs
Advanced Hall Sensors hall sensors
Advanced Hardware Architectures error correction
Advanced Linear Devices MOSFETs, operational amplifiers, dual slope A/D frontend converters, voltage comparators
Advanced Logic Devices microprocessor products
Advanced Micro Devices microprocessors, memories
Advanced MicroSensors thin film devices
Advanced Monolithic Systems voltage references, power management and temperature control integrated circuits
Advanced Micro Systems motor control ICs
Advanced Photonix, Inc. led, pin diode, avalanche photodiode
Advanced RISC Machines processors
Advanced Semiconductor Inc. rf and microwave power transistors
Advanced Semiconductor Engineering bumping, flip chip
Advanced Wireless Semiconductor Company GaAs HBT foundry
Agile Systems Inc. digital power ICs
Agilent Technologies Inc. motion control, RF, microwave, ICs, opto
AHS Advanced Hall Sensors magnetic hall sensors
AIC Analog Integrations Corp. DC/DC converters, regulators, battery management, current drivers  
Airgo Networks wireless technology and products
Airify Communications, Inc communications
AItech International video signal processing
AKM Semiconductor, Inc mixed signals
Alcor Micro communications
Alereon, Inc. UWB chipsets for personal area networking applications
Alesis Semiconductor DSP signal processors
Alfalight Inc. power diode laser
Ali system peripheral ICs
Alliance Semiconductor DRAM, SRAM
alpha microelectronics gmbh high voltage ICs analog mixed signal ICs
Alpha Microelectronics Corp. Ltd. voice/ melody synthesizer ICs
Alphamosaic video processing
Altera FPGA, CPLD and Programmable Logic Devices
AmberWave Systems Corp. supplier of strained silicon technology
AMD microprocessors, memories
AMCC (Applied Micro Circuits) PCI, Networking, Clocking, ASIC
American Bright Optoelectronics Corp. LEDs, LED lamps
Ami Semiconductor ASIC, wireless, transceiver, motion control
American Opto Plus LEDs
American Semiconductor Inc. foundry
Amkor Technology stacked packaging, flip chip, microleadframe, fystem-in-package
Amlogic system-on-a-chip solutions
Amphus IP for digital video and image coding system-on-chip design
Amplifonix microwave and rf amplifiers
AMtek SEMICONDUCTORS CO. LTD. motor drivers, analog and mixed mode IC for CD/VCD/DVD player
Anadigics, Inc. GaAs ICs for communication
Analog Devices analog, mixed-signal and digital signal processing ICs
Analog Integrations Corp. analog integrated circuits for power management
Analog Microelectronics GmbH asics, sensors  
Applied Micro Circuits Corp.(AMCC) PCI, ASIC
Applied Optronics laser diodes
ARC integrated solutions for system-on-chip (SoC) design
Arizona Microtek, Inc. asic, ecl/pel logic ICs, mixed signal ICs
ARK Logic graphics
Array Microsystems digital video solutions 
Artisan Components Inc. ip components for the design and manufacture of system-on-a-chip ics  
ASI (Austin Semiconductor Inc.) memories
ASIC Advantage, Inc. asics
ASIC Northwest, Inc. asics 
ASIX ICs for networking, communication, connecting 
Athena Semiconductors Inc. system-on-chip for video, audio and data communication
Atheros Communications wireless communications
ATI Technologies Inc. graphics, multimedia
Atmel non-volatile memories, fpga, microcontroller 
AudioCodes voice, networking
Audio Processing Technology audio processing  
Avanex Corporation photonic processors
AverLogic communication, video controllers