Special Reader-Copier FLASH PIC I

Special Reader FLASH PIC I for protected or accidentally erased MCU or WAFER CARD EERPOM and FLASH memory content recovery.


- Remove lock bits
- Copy the EEPROM and FLASH content to other PIC

Supported PICs:

- PIC16F83
- PIC16F84
- PIC16F84A
- PIC16F627
- PIC16F628
- PIC16F870
- PIC16F871
- PIC16F872
- PIC16F873
- PIC16F874
- PIC16F876
- PIC16F877

If extra chips become supported by a new version of this reader, our existing customers will receive upgrade to the new version for free (excl.P&P)

Operation time:

- 3 to 10 minutes depending on the memory size

Set includes: - FLASH PIC I Reader/Copier - Power adapter - Special adapter for Wafer Cards

Price is 8000,- EUR.

Please note:
We provide readers and recovery services for educational purposes only.
In some countries it can be illegal to use above mentioned devices, please check your local laws.
We cannot take any responsibility in relation to the use of above mentioned devices that may be considered illegal.