We provide code recovery service mainly for all commercial MCU, ASIC, FPGA existing today on the market. Everyday we gain more and more experience and develope new methods for code extraction of different Intergated Circuit parts. Full list of Integrated Circuit part numbers, on which we have methods, techniques is always updated and not published.

How to get started?

  • Please send an email us with description of protected device you have.
  • We will provide you quotation for service and terms for service.
  • Ship us protected device, better two and at least two more not-programmed samples. Devices must packed into ic-rail (tube) and anti-static poly bag. Make sure that device is not damaged. Please read, sign and ship in the same package Memory Code Recovery Agreement. 50% advance is required to be paid via Bank Transfer, Western Union or Moneygramm.
  • After service is done and code is extracted, we can ship to you two programmed devices to ensure the correct code extraction. You will need to make final payment to receive the source code.
  • We can provide you techniques to make harder reverse engineering or code extraction of your IC.

You can download microcode recovery agreement here

Please write to us for more information.

Please note:

  • We provide readers and recovery services for educational purposes only.
  • In some countries it can be illegal to use above mentioned devices, please check your local laws.
  • We cannot take any responsibility in relation to the use of above mentioned devices that may be considered illegal.